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Our purpose is to provide a full service. The Publishing is one of the most important means in order to communicate, promote and manage. We display products concerning every aspect of health, managing to combine quality with market demands.
For Scientific Associations
CG MKT creates and realizes all the material which is needed for the life and promotion of  Scientific Associations.
- creation of logotypes
- coordinates
- informative material
- web-sites
- magazines
- reports
For Companies
CG MKT is able to propose the creation of promotional material:
- leaflets
- creation and patent of logotypes
- brochures
- handouts
- coordinates
- gadgets
- multimedia products
- business magazines
- stand-making

For events
CG MKT creates and organizes for each event:
- graphic of the event
- program
- bills
- invitations
- certificates
- informative material
- questionnaires
- reports
- reprints
- proceedings of the congress, both papery and multimedia
- interactivities