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Our way of working is based on the synchronization of the activities which are included in a marketing stategy. Any Partner that choose CG MKT does not have to worry about managing the work, but only to supervise it, giving CG MKT a proxy of the planning of the entire pre-arrenged project.

Our job, within Scientic field or not, includes:
- congresses, meetings and incentives
- courses, seminars and workshops
- company meetings, national and regional meetings

Of these activities, we manage all the phases of the event. We are able to provide all services, from pre and post- event secretarial service, to getting in touch with Guests and/or Relators in every part of the world.
In particular, we select the suppliers and the staff, help with the choice of the seats, supervise to be certain that everything is perfect and offer the best service with the safest companies and competitive prices and, what is more, the searching of Sponsors.

Futhermore, we manage the ECM procedure and the consequent presentation to the AIFA,  according to the Deontological Codex of Farmindustria and the connected laws.

In MKT you will find the greatest availability and efficency to achieve a common success.